Simpson Strong Tie Screws

The Simpson Strong Tie Stainless Steel Screws are an ideal choice for any outdoor project like hardwood decks or furniture.

The screws measure 1/4” in diameter and they are perfect for connector installations and wood-to-wood applications. Each screw has a 3/8” hex head and is crafted from carbon steel that is heat treated. The screws also have a 6-lobe drive which is essential in reducing the risk of cam-out, or the instance where the screwdriver slips out of the screw head.

There is a minimal chance of splitting when using the screws and its double-barrier coating provides just as much corrosion resistance as hot-dip galvanization.

It is recommended to use a low speed drill with a hex driver when working with these screws to optimize performance.

Although the screws are designed to penetrate dense wood with efficiency, it is recommended to pre-drill the holes in the wood to prevent splitting. For every 100 square feet of deck that needs to be built it will take around 350 of these screws to complete.

One great feature of the screws is its combination of a 4-corner thread and raised-ridge technology that work together to reduce the instance of driving torque.

Simpson Strong Tie Stainless Steel Screws are the premiere choice for residential and commercial deck building.