Kreg Deck Jig

The Kreg Deck Jig is an essential tool for building your own deck. Its easy to grip handle allows you to hold on tightly and have better control of the tool. The drill head guides are made of hardened steel and helps the driver bit arrive at the precise angle.

The Kreg Deck Jig comes with 3 drill guides that will grant you access to hard to reach areas. The jig performs best when used with 3/4 to 5/4 inch thick wood.

To use the Kreg Deck Jig first drill holes in the edge of the board using the drill guide. Next use the self-tapping deck screws to get down to the joist. The depth collar will accurately control how far the screws will go. The deck jig will make the joints strong and durable and there will be no fasteners or screws visible. The jig drills in screws at an angle where they are essentially hidden from view.

This deck jig will make your deck look seamless as if there were no screws or nails used. The absence of screws from view creates a cohesive look and feel to your new deck.

Premium Hardwood Canada STRONGLY recommends using the Kreg Deck Jig for all hardwood decking. Purchase your Deck Jig from amazon today.