Yellow Balau

Yellow Balau Bangkirai Decking

Yellow Balau Batu is a heavy hardwood that is native to Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. It comes in a variety of hues such as teak, yellow-brown and purplish-brown with stunning red undertones. The wood will darken to a deeper brown as it ages and weathers. Yellow Balau Batu is extremely durable which is why it is used to build ships, boats, staircases, bridges, boardwalks and flooring. It naturally resists decay, insects, fungus, and fire.

The wood’s texture is very fine and the interlocking grains are of medium size. The surface is smooth and even so applying a finish will pose no problems. It is easy to maintain and its superb durability are just a few reason why many people choose Yellow Balau Batu for their outdoor structures. Surface checking is possible with this material because it takes a long time to dry completely. It is normally free of blemishes and knots.

Yellow Balau Hardwood DeckingCaring for Yellow Balau Batu requires very little work; only a few coats of an oil-based sealant once per year. Sealing the wood is not mandatory but if it is left unsealed it will change in color over time. Unsealed lumber will also weather into a silver patina. The wood is kiln dried rather than air dried so that any larvae or insects can be exterminated.

Its price is comparable to other similar hardwoods and clear grade plastics. The price is a good value for the material because it will last for decades. It is very similar to teak wood and is an excellent choice for any outdoor structure or piece of furniture.

Yellow Balau Batu is one of the best choices for indoor or outdoor structures due to its extreme durability and vibrant colors. When properly maintained, this lumber will last for decades.

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